Digital Avicenna Introduces Avicenna Adviser: An Advanced AI-Powered Chatbot for Telemedicine Queries

CUPERTINO, CA, USA – September 11, 2023: Digital Avicenna, a leader in the telemedicine sector, proudly announces the launch of its AI-powered chatbot, Avicenna Adviser. This cutting-edge digital tool is designed to provide users with concise answers to cardiological and general medical inquiries, further strengthening Digital Avicenna’s mission to provide world-class telemedicine solutions to underserved regions.

The Avicenna Adviser, available in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and French, serves as a reliable resource for open-ended questions about medical parameters, terminology, and any other related topics. Users can also get detailed information about Digital Avicenna’s expansive services.

Some examples of questions the chatbot can tackle include:

“What are the typical symptoms of an imminent stroke?”

“What is a healthy glucose level range in a general blood test?”

“How does one interpret an L.F.T.S (Liver function test)?”

“What blood pressure and heart rate measurements are considered normal for a 60-year-old woman?”

Initially focused on offering cardiological insights, Digital Avicenna has expanded its services to include oncologists and General Medicine doctors. The recent inclusion of video consultation capability came in response to the needs of one of their major clients from Asia.

The company currently partners with dozens of cardiologists, General Medicine doctors, and oncologists based in Kyiv, Ukraine. A strong network, anchored by leading cardiologists in Kyiv, positions Digital Avicenna to scale up its operations, offering invaluable services to areas with a significant shortage of specialized medical professionals. Target regions include Africa, India, Eastern Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific hemisphere.

With a diversified offering that spans government services (B2G), enterprise solutions (B2B), and retail (B2C), Digital Avicenna is committed to reaching a broad spectrum of clients, from government-sponsored population screenings to individuals seeking a second opinion.

Their user-friendly platform features separate portals for clients, doctors, and administrators, ensuring a streamlined experience. Clients can register, upload test results, and receive standardized feedback from qualified cardiologists within three business days. This interpretation is color-coded, offering a quick understanding of the patient’s health status.

Digital Avicenna invites medical laboratories, insurance companies, private clinics, and hospitals in their target regions to explore a partnership. The company’s flexibility in scaling and tailoring services to specific needs is unmatched in the industry.

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About Digital Avicenna:

Digital Avicenna is a telemedicine service leader providing expert medical interpretations from a roster of esteemed specialists. Serving regions with a pronounced shortage of specialized doctors, the company plays a pivotal role in democratizing healthcare access across the globe.

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