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Interpretation of the results of cardiological tests and other indicators

* is not a medical service

Digital Avicenna

Our company offers services of primary cardiological screening interpretation.

Our services are offered in 3 segments: countrywide (at the level of the country), services of screening interpretation for private clinics and in a retail segment (second cardiological opinion, lack of access to such services due to the remote domicile or for any other reason)

Our Advantages

Digital remote

The required tests and indicators are loaded remotely and the results of the client's screening interpretation are downloaded back.


Our specialists have higher professional education and significant cardiological practice experience. Get the best cardiology advice online!

The second interpretation
is free

For our retail clients when a first results' interpretation is paid, the second screening interpretation is a free of charge for a client.

Flexible payment's

Our clients have multiple options to pay for their cardiological services: credit cards, transfers to the company's bank account or crypto currencies.

Our Services

We are offering our services of primary cardiological screening interpretation (cardiology opinion) in 3 segments

Nationwide services

  • Making up a shortfall of highly specialized medical personnel, cardiologists, with our cardiologists’ remote expertise
  • Accelerated scalability of the primary cardiological screening interpretation of the population with a help of our company resources
  • Geographic flexibility in providing the population’s cardiological screening interpretation services

For private clinics

  • Providing “turn-key” cardiological screening interpretation services for clinics
  • Flexibility in a scale and a range of offered services in accordance with the clinics’ requirements
  • A possibility to provide services of other highly specialized medical specialists (gynecologists, gastroenterologists, rheumatologists and other highly specialized doctors) in accordance with the clinics’ requirements

For patients

  • Second cardiological opinion should a client has doubts of received cardiological screening interpretation and other test results
  • A possibility to receive cardiological screening results’ interpretation and other test results in a case of the remote domicile or for any other reason
  • No need to visit physically a clinic or a hospital under the current coronavirus epidemic conditions
  • Rapid and expeditious cardiological screening test results’ interpretations and other test interpretations without long waiting periods and queues

Reviews about us

Samir Kapoor

Samir Kapoor

India, Etawah

In my city, it is difficult to get an appointment with a cardiologist, as there are few specialists. But thanks to the screening service, I was able to test my heart. Thanks!

Alexey Krasnov

Alexey Krasnov

Ukraine, Kiev

My grandmother has heart problems. I decided to order a screening service for her in order to get the opinion of the best specialists. Recommend.

Muhammad Shawki

Muhammad Shawki

Egypt, Cairo

The Digital Avicenna service was advised by my brother. I had no idea about heart problems. After a while, I will undergo a free re-screening.

Dilara Aliyeva

Dilara Aliyeva

Kazakhstan, Zhezkazgan

I ordered a screening to get an additional change of cardiologists. The results were interpreted very quickly. I will order more!

How to order screening

Our team

Our team of cardiologists has the specialists working in the areas of diagnostics and treatment of all major cardiological illnesses


Viktoria Golovataiya

Viktoria has more the 21-years of cardiological experience.

Irina Kozlovskayia

Irina has more the 27-years of cardiological experience. She is a leading cardiologist in one of the clinics of Kyiv.

Larisa Olhovetc

Larisa has more the 36-years of cardiological experience. During the last four years, she holds the position of the Cardiological Department's Head of in one of the clinics of Kyiv.

Konstantin Sinitca

Top category cardiologist
Konstantin has more the 51-years of cardiological experience. During 38 years, he was the Head of the Cardiological Department in one of the leading clinics of Kyiv.

Yuriy Sinitca

Operational Dіrector
Yuriy is responsible for operational activity of the company. Yuriy has more than 25-years of experience in the financial industry while holding managerial positions during a span of 17 years.

Alexander Tulko

Seasoned stock market professional with the experience in the area of venture capital, private equity and asset management experience. The Master-level graduate with a major in the Financial Management from the University of Maryland, USA and with a major in Sociology from the Central European University, Prague, Czech Republic.


Who is this online-screening for?
This online-screening is suitable for any type of client, who wants to get a second cardiological opinion on the received test results and a specialist’s diagnosis; a client, who has doubts related to the received diagnosis as well as a client, who does not have an access to the skilled professionals for any reason but has an opportunity to take all the required tests, including cardiogram
How much does the screening?
for $29.99 you will receive a cardiological screening interpretation and a second interpretation for free
Will I receive the results of online-screening after I will have submitted the test results?
You will receive the interpretation of your test results and analysis of your data from the filled-in questionnaire within 3 (three) business days
In which countries do you offer your services?
Our services are available to the residents of all countries of the world
How could I be sure that your services are confidential?
We are following the highest standards related to the confidentiality of offered services. The interpretation of your test results, cardiogram and other personal data that is required for the high-quality analysis are provided to the cardiologist in an anonymized format
What is a professional level of specialists who are working for your company?
At this point of time we are working with specialists (cardiologists) from Ukraine. These specialists are the leading professionals of the private or state-owned hospitals, and have significant experience in the cardiological area. In future we are planning to add the expertise of the specialists from other countries
Which tests’ results are required for online screening interpretation?
In order to get a high-quality cardiological interpretation you should provide the personal information in a format of our client’s questionnaire as well as the following information, tests’ results and measurements: Blood pressure, Heart rate, Electrocardiogram (EKG), General urine test, General blood test with a sugar/glucose level, Blood cholesterol level, High density lipoproteins (HDL), Low density lipoproteins (LDL), Blood creatinine (kidney function), L.F.T.S (Liver function tests) serum alanine aminotransferase & A.S.T. It would be very useful if you send a close-up photo of your face. It will help our cardiologists to make interpretation more informative and precise.
How long should I wait for my results’ interpretation?
The interpretation of your tests’ results, cardiogram and other personal information will be ready within three days (business days) and will be uploaded into your personal cabinet.

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