Digital Avicenna Now Offers Services in Indonesian Language

Expanding Accessibility and Bridging Communication Gaps in Healthcare

CUPERTINO, CA, USA – January 18, 2024:

Digital Avicenna, an innovative leader in the tele-medicine industry, is excited to announce the addition of the Indonesian language to its service platform. This expansion marks Indonesian as the eighth language option available, reinforcing Digital Avicenna’s commitment to serving clients in their native languages. It is a significant step towards increasing accessibility and providing personalized medical consultations to more than 270 million Indonesian speakers in East Timor, the southern Philippines, Singapore, and the western part of New Guinea (Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia) and Indonesia itself.

The company’s AI-powered chatbot, Avicenna Adviser, is now equipped to understand and respond in Indonesian, allowing clients to ask questions and receive answers in their native tongue. This feature is particularly beneficial for those seeking quick and reliable information on cardiological and other medical-related topics.

The introduction of the Indonesian language is part of Digital Avicenna’s ongoing effort to broaden its global outreach. The company is also considering adding several more languages to the platform and the Avicenna Adviser chatbot, including Vietnamese, Thai (Siamese), and Persian (Farsi).

The company’s robust network, anchored by leading cardiologists in Kyiv, allows for significant scaling up of operations, making specialized medical services accessible to regions with a shortage of healthcare professionals, including Africa, India, Eastern Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific hemisphere.

Digital Avicenna’s comprehensive service offerings cater to a wide range of clients, including government programs, medical and diagnostic laboratories, insurance companies, privately-held hospitals, and individual clients seeking second opinions or living in remote locations.

As Digital Avicenna continues to grow, the company invites medical laboratories, insurance companies, private clinics, and hospitals in targeted geographical areas to explore partnership opportunities. With flexibility in scaling and tailoring services, Digital Avicenna remains unmatched in providing specialized medical services.

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About Digital Avicenna

Digital Avicenna is an industry-leading tele-medicine platform that offers remote medical opinions and interpretations from a team of experienced cardiologists, oncologists, and general medicine doctors. Focusing on regions with a lack of specialized medical practitioners, the platform provides invaluable medical insights to patients across the globe. With a user-friendly AI-powered chatbot, Avicenna Adviser, and an extensive list of services, Digital Avicenna plays a pivotal role in democratizing healthcare access across the globe.

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