Digital Avicenna Expands Linguistic Horizons with Spanish; Eyes Additional Global Languages

Leading tele-medicine platform, Digital Avicenna, furthers its commitment to global healthcare accessibility with the addition of Spanish to its service platform and its AI chatbot, Avicenna Adviser.

CUPERTINO, CA, USA – September 26, 2023: Today, Digital Avicenna, a pioneering tele-medicine platform known for bridging the gap between patients and specialist medical opinions, is thrilled to announce the addition of Spanish, its sixth language, to the platform. This significant update enables millions more users to interact seamlessly and receive crucial medical advice in their native tongue.

“Introducing Spanish is more than just adding a new language. It is about understanding the needs of our users, breaking down language barriers, and ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their linguistic background, has access to specialized medical opinions. With Spanish being the second most spoken language in the world, this update reaffirms our commitment,” said Alexander Tulko, the CEO of Digital Avicenna.

The AI-powered chatbot, Avicenna Adviser, at the core of Digital Avicenna’s interactive services, will now answer questions in Spanish, providing detailed, comprehensible clarifications about medical parameters, terminology, and Digital Avicenna’s extensive offerings.

Further enhancing its global outreach, Digital Avicenna has also indicated at the possible addition of other languages such as Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai (Siamese), and Persian (Farsi), further emphasizing the platform’s global ambitions.

Digital Avicenna has always been at the forefront of remote medical consultation, offering diverse services ranging from government-sponsored screening programs to enterprise services for private hospitals, labs, and insurance companies, and retail services for individual users. The platform’s expansive physician network, currently boasting dozens of cardiologists, General Medicine doctors, and oncologists based in Kyiv, Ukraine, is designed to cater to critical underserved medical markets in Africa, India, Eastern Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific hemisphere.

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About Digital Avicenna

Digital Avicenna is an industry-leading tele-medicine platform that offers remote medical opinions and interpretations from a team of experienced cardiologists, oncologists, and general medicine doctors. Focusing on regions with a lack of specialized medical practitioners, the platform provides invaluable medical insights to patients across the globe. With a user-friendly AI-powered chatbot, Avicenna Adviser, and an extensive list of services, Digital Avicenna plays a pivotal role in democratizing healthcare access across the globe.

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