Digital Avicenna Expands its Telemedicine Services with Portuguese Language Integration

Expanding Accessibility and Bridging Communication Gaps in Healthcare

CUPERTINO, CA, USA – January 11, 2024:

Digital Avicenna, a pioneering tele-medicine service provider, is thrilled to announce the addition of Portuguese to its multilingual platform and its AI chatbot, Avicenna Adviser, marking the seventh language supported by the company. This expansion is a significant step towards increasing accessibility and providing personalized medical consultations to over 250 million Portuguese speakers worldwide.

Digital Avicenna’s AI-powered chatbot, Avicenna Adviser, now comprehensively understands and responds in Portuguese. This development enhances the user experience for Portuguese-speaking clients, enabling them to receive medical advice and interpretations in their native language, particularly in Brazil and Portuguese-speaking African countries. The Avicenna Adviser is an essential tool that answers various medical queries, ranging from interpreting blood test results to understanding symptoms of common health issues.

Digital Avicenna caters to a diverse range of medical needs by providing expert opinions and interpretations from remote cardiologists and general medicine doctors. This service is especially crucial in areas with a scarcity of specialized medical professionals, including regions in Africa, India, Eastern Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific hemisphere.

Digital Avicenna is actively exploring the addition of other languages to its platform, including Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and Persian. This expansion will further the company’s mission to break down language barriers in healthcare, ensuring that more people worldwide can access quality medical advice in their native tongue.

About Digital Avicenna

Digital Avicenna is an industry-leading tele-medicine platform that offers remote medical opinions and interpretations from a team of experienced cardiologists, oncologists, and general medicine doctors. Focusing on regions with a lack of specialized medical practitioners, the platform provides invaluable medical insights to patients across the globe. With a user-friendly AI-powered chatbot, Avicenna Adviser, and an extensive list of services, Digital Avicenna plays a pivotal role in democratizing healthcare access across the globe.

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